About Me

Namaste my friends,

I’m Leo. Girl who believes in the power of shooting stars. Adventuress with a mermaid mind and a hippie heart. Lioness, though fighting most of my battles against myself. I’m into the art that nature creates – skies painted pastel pink, the sound of the wind, perfectly shaped seashells. Also into pure souls, dark thoughts and deep conversations.

I practise yoga, I sing, I read, I surf, I fall in love with words and songs and I will always take every chance to travel the world, as the freedom of my body and mind and soul is my highest possession. I want to write for you about heartaches and failures, literature and love, the smell of the air in every corner of this planet, about summer rain, waves, the ocean and how it feels to always feel a little bit too much. I hope I can contribute something meaningful to your world by sharing my story. In the end, I’m just like everybody else: naked and alive!

Please note that English is not my first language // I hope you will forgive some small mistakes and that I will sometimes switch to German (e.g. for my music).