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// Naked and Alive around the World // The final video //

14. Oktober 2017

So, my lovely Naked and Alive readers. It’s been quiet for a couple of weeks, I know. My world trip has come to an end and I am back in Germany, back in my old flat in Berlin and slowly adapting to this big change. To be honest: it isn’t easy! It takes time to process all the things I’ve seen, experienced and learned and at the same time, as we all know, life in the Western world is busy. I have not yet found the time and inspiration to write that one big blog about my return home for you. But I promise I will, very soon. Let me take a little bit more time to properly arrive and in the meanwhile, you can watch this video about my adventure around the world. This is the final video from this trip – I hope you can feel how many amazing memories I already have.

Thank you for traveling around the world with me, knowing that you participated in my journey through my blog gave me great comfort on days that weren’t as light and made me happy throughout the untroubled times, because I could share some of my euphoria with you!!

Much love and Namasté,

Leo xxx

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