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// Stoked in San Juan del Sur – my week at the Rapture Camp Nicaragua //

23. Juli 2017

Picture this: a house on a hill, overlooking the pacific ocean, an infinity pool that brings a little relief from the afternoon heat, a monkey on the tree opposite of the pool, screaming loudly into your direction, like he wants to have a serious conversation, the sun setting slowly, making the sky look like it’s burning and you in this whole scenario thinking ‚life can’t get any better’… sounds too good to be true, right?!Well, but I can assure you that this is how I spent my evenings at the Rapture Surfcamp Nicaragua after a surf day down at the beach. But let me start from the beginning…DSCF9845
Sometimes, while traveling, you just find a place you feel at home immediately and after spending some time in the Rapture Camp on Bali in the second month of my trip (and also the one in Portugal a couple of years ago), I knew where I had to go for my first stop in Nicaragua to get that feeling – and I haven’t been disappointed.
San Juan del Sur is a former fishing village on the South coast of Nicaragua and has gained some fame through the crazy parties that take place every Sunday. But fear though not, the Rapture Camp is far away from all the madness. The only thing that’s mad about it, is it’s mad beautiful location. After a two hour drive from the airport in Managua you drive through the jungle for about half an hour (hold on, it’s a bumpy ride!!) and then suddenly arrive at a clearing. Welcomed by the most impressive view, the camp dog and the friendly staff, I was lead to my room and instantly knew: This is a good place for me.DSCF9851 The dorm is the most spacious one I’ve ever slept in, with an outdoor shower and a very good, new mattress (stuff that matters when you’ve been away from home for nearly 5 months). The whole camp is just designed to be a place of relaxation and good vibe – with a big common area, the amazing pool, hammocks to just hang out and really, really good food. If it wasn’t for the surfing, I’m sure I wouldn’t have even left the camp once…DSCF9848
But yeah, the surfing. This is what it really is all about. Every evening the surf report for the next day is up on the board and will let you know when surf’s up. You will be brought to the best spots with the best condition for that day, accompanied by experienced surf guides; what a great way to find out about all the surf spots in the area and find your favourite one. While I was there we’ve been to four different spots: Playa Maderas, Playa Hermosa, El Remanso and El Yanke. All of them had their own charm.FullSizeRender-2 Surfwise I liked El Remanso the most, vibewise probably Playa Hermosa and El Yanke for its remoteness… In Nicaragua you will for sure still find empty line-ups and untouched beaches. Sometimes it happens, that a wild horse or a cow crosses your way and these are the moments where I pause for a second, with my banana-passion-fruit-smoothie in my hand, trying to soak all of that in, realizing what is happening: ‚You’re at a beach in Nicaragua, you’ve just been surfing for 2 hours with nearly no one else in the water, you are drinking the most delicious drink ever and randomly a cow comes walking past, stepping over your surfboard as if this was the most natural thing in the world‘ – WOW – I just love places that are still so raw and pure. Nicaragua is one of those places that is, what we call, authentic…FullSizeRender
Back to the start: After a day on the beach, you come back to what is your home for the moment, and experience everything I’ve described and sometimes it’s just too much to take and you go to bed at night, listening to the jungle sounds singing a lullaby for you, thinking ‚is this real?‘ – but it is!IMG_8905

If you are planning a trip to Nicaragua or Central America and want to go surfing, the Rapture Surfcamp is the perfect place for it – at least for me it was!


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