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// My ultimate untested (yet genius) „world trip packing list“ //

26. Februar 2017
packliste 2

I have traveled a lot in my life and always considered myself some sort of packing expert after living out of my suitcase for four years. Still, packing always puts a certain amount of pressure on me because I tend to want to do things right, be prepared for every possible situation (which is, of course, impossible) and am also quite emotionally attached to some of the stuff in my wardrobe. In the past year or so, I have tried to start living a more reduced lifestyle and that also applies to my packing habits. Less is more, I guess, but we all know we have to convince ourselves every time all over again that this is actually true… 

After booking my „around the world ticket“ for my trip a couple of months ago, I have been constantly packing and thinking about what to take on the trip, what to buy, where to buy it, ordered stuff and returned it and had some sleepless nights over it – I’m not kidding. I was super focused on actually optimizing the content of my backpack to perfection, hoping that this would somehow guarantee a perfect trip. Of course that’s a little bit insane. I can not recommend it, especially because when I tried to fit everything in my backpack it was just way to much and I have to leave at least half of it behind. So the picture below shows not what I am taking, but what I am leaving at home…..packliste 1

That’s a lot, isn’t it???
So much for being a „packing expert“….

I admit, I have no idea how useful this following packing list will be for y’all, but I thought you might still be interested in what I will be taking, what I consider practical and what is so important to me that I am willing to carry that extra bag. And maybe, just maybe, I can inspire your for your next trip.

// clothing //

I will be mainly traveling in warm to hot weather, so please keep in mind that you will need another set of clothes if you plan to travel in colder areas, go camping or do long trekking routes or anything like that… My main focus is on surfing – that’s also my excuse to pack all of my favorite bikinis…
So, here we go… I will be taking the following clothes:packliste 3

1 pair of denim shorts
1 pair of jersey shorts
1 pair of long, but thin pants (for sun protection / if you have to cover up for cultural reasons)
1 pair of yoga leggings (that can also be used for surfing)
1 pair of sweat pants (for flights, colder nights and chillin‘)

5 T-Shirts (which will also be used for sleeping)
1 long sleeve
1 jumper
1 thin cardigan (sun or mosquito protection / for covering up)
1 rain jacket

1 dress
1 jump suit

3 bikinis (I know……)
1 surfsuit
1 pair of board shorts + 1 lycra

sun hat
scarf (for flights and sun protection)

shoes: trainers, flip flops, Birkenstocks + booties for surfing
underwear: 3 pair of socks, 2 panties, 1 pair of knickers, 3 G-strings, 2 bras, 1 sports-bra, short pj-pants

// toiletries & medicine //

For me, staying clean and healthy is really important, especially on long term travels. After a shorter trip, you can just wash off all the dirt, but a half a year is not really a vacation anymore, it’s your life and I am not really keen on ruining my health or my teeth or my skin, and I’m not talking about make-up or hair conditioner here. So this is a real challenge for me, because toiletries are mainly fluid and fluid is heavy. I think everybody should decide individually what is really important for you to feel comfortable and what is something you can go without for a while… I will not give you a list on all the things I am taking (because that would be endless), but just a quick overview on what I can’t go without:

sunscreen 50+ (!!!!!!)
sun protection for my lips
my electric tooth brush
dental floss
body spray or some sort of perfume
my favorite lip balm
my favorite tampons (I will take enough for 2 months and then hope to find some high quality ones)
the pill / contraceptives in general
aloe vera gel (because it’s useful for almost everything)
towels: an extra large travel towel for the beach (also to sit on), 2 regular travel towels for showering

I’m not really taking any make-up, just one nail polish and some pressed powder…

Concerning medicine, my first-aid kid is really heavy, partly because I once had an accident in south Morocco and didn’t have proper antiseptics and ruined one of my tattoos…. So now I like to be prepared. Most important for me are my thyroid hormones, pain killers, antiseptics and bandaids. This time I am also taking malaria medicine, antibiotics and loads of other stuff – it really depends in which areas you travel, it’s best to inform yourself and speak to your doctor before you go. And of course I hope I will need none of this.

// other stuff //

Besides all of that, I am taking some „other stuff“ that’s either for safety, writing or just for fun…packliste 4

a mosquito net (because I will be in malaria regions and I don’t want to die)
my camera
a tripod (that I can use with the camera or my phone)
a travel diary + pens
an ebook reader (a must as a literature lover, even though I still prefer real books)
my laptop (mainly for writing this blog for you, and maybe to watch some movies on lonely days)
an inflatable neck roll
a boom box (because I can’t go without music)
a pacsafe (I am very curious to try it out, you can lock your valuables in)
a cuddly toy (I admit it, because everybody needs a friend sometimes)

and, most importantly,

my Baby Taylor travel guitar – I will have to carry an extra bag, but I hope to find some inspiration, write some songs and maybe sing on the streets somewhere. I’ve always said, one day I want to travel around the world, learn how to surf and write songs – „one day“ is now, I can’t believe it. So yeah, she’s a must, she’s called Taylor Swift, by the way.

I think that’s pretty much it….. it sounds a lot when I look at it here, but I reduced it as much as I could for now. I am pretty sure that I won’t be returning with all the stuff that I am taking or at least not with the same stuff. I promise I will write a story about how well my packing list worked out for me when I am back – until then, I hope you dream of your next trip, the sun and the ocean.


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    Hope you have the right things with you but I’m sure you don’t 🙂
    Good luck Leo.

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