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// F#CK IT – BE BRAVE //

7. Dezember 2016

Excuse my French, but sometimes, you gotta say it, as it is…

You might have been noticing, that I haven’t been writing for naked and alive in quite a while and today, I want to fil you in on the reasons for that, before you think this blog was just a quick idea that I had and that I am not willing or able to maintain it: that’s NOT the case.

This Blog is an idea that I have been thinking about in a long time and finally over the summer, I was able to put some money, time, love and work into it and actually realise this idea, fulfil this dream that I had, about a space where I could write my own stuff for like-minded people. The launch in October went amazing, I have had over 20k readers in less than 2 weeks and I am SO thankful for all the positive feeback I’ve been getting – if I can inspire just 1% of all these people, I am absolutely happy with that.

I am drifting, I’m sorry, my mind seems to like wandering off at the moment and can’t quite stay focused on one topic, probably because I have too much on it. And that’s, however, what I wanted to tell you and I want to be completely honest about this: in the current phase of my life, I will not be able to write for naked and alive because I have to write something else – my Bachelor thesis !!

Yes, I’m am about to finish my studies in German Literature and media science, if there wouldn’t be these 40 little pages of scientific work that I had to hand in to actually get my first academical degree… I know a lot of people who read this feel me, we’ve all been there at some point and we all just somehow have to get through it.
Besides the Bachelor thesis, I am also working parttime in a PR-agency, working on my music and putting together a little Christmas tour and, most importantly, planning my world trip that will start in March 2017. So, it is A LOT. I am actually just taking one step at a time at the moment, hoping not to stumble, just keeping my head over water, trying not to drown and try to sleep enough to let my mind rest in between.

And then yesterday, I took a day off everything, went to the hairdresser and decided super spontaniously to dye my hair pastel pink…. Now you probably ask yourself: what the hell does her hair colour have to do with her bachelor thesis?
I tell you what: I just had this moment of letting go off everything, all the stress, all the fear of failure and all the pressure, I just had this moment of thinking ‚you got this‘, this moment of strength, this moment of empowerment and this moment of being super excited for something, and for some reason I was sitting in a hair saloon. So I looked at myself in the mirror and then looked at my amazing hairdresser Fisnik and said: „What do you think about pastel pink hair?“
His face lit up and his smile got wider and he said: „That’s exactly what I wanted to suggest, when you walked in“ – so that was a done deal, f#ck it, let’s just do it !!img_3986

A couple of hours later I had pink hair and walked out of the hair saloon, feeling super strong, feeling like a lioness, feeling like I coud move a mountain and knowing that I will get through this stressful time. And what I really want to say is not that you should all go and cut your hair or dye it unicorn-coloured, what I really want to say is: BE BRAVE !!
Leave your comfort zone and see what happens, you know, just tell yourself f#ck it sometimes, trust the process, trust your own abilities, but also be realistic and try to listen to your inner voice and feel when something is too much…

So today, waking up with my new hair colour, I wanted to find the time and patience, before I sit down with my books, to write this blog entry and be brave enough to tell you: at the moment it is simply TOO MUCH. And I am sorry I have talked so much about myself, this really isn’t about me, this is about YOU not getting your weekly dose of naked and alive that I had planned for all of my readers.
So I want to offer you a deal: Me and my pink hair are taking a winter break, getting through some challenges and completing some tasks, we have to complete and then, in spring, I will be back, probably blonde again, and ready to take you on some adventures…. I don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but I’m just saying Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, US of A, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe….
I really hope you can wait for me and want to continue riding this wave called life together!

And until then, be brave my friends, and f#ck it, eat those damn Christmas cookies ….

PS: In case you want to see me live, since I will not be writing for you, you got the chance to come to my concerts on th 16th of December in Limburg, the 17th of December in Seeburg and on the 18th of December in Berlin! Hope to see you there!

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  • Reply Emm 7. Dezember 2016 at 19:15

    Servus Leo,
    würde gerne mit dir in Kontakt treten. Einfach über dies und das quatschen. Würde mich freuen,wenn Du dich spontan meldest. Lg von mir zu dir

  • Reply Albert 8. Dezember 2016 at 17:03

    Take your time Leo!
    Thanks for your thoughts and stories.
    All the best for your thesis.
    See (read) you back in spring.

  • Reply Jan 11. Dezember 2016 at 14:37

    Hey Leo, it was a fortunate coincedance that i i found a youtube Video about you Last Night. Because of it i remembered that i liked you Since your First Popstars apperance. so i found your Blog and i felt inspirerd to Write you some lines: Reading your Last notes Here i Coud relate to the Things you Said. Because Of my Own To often doubting and suffering inner mind i Need to be brave…Sometimes i succed , sometimes i fail, but writing this while i Drink some beer and Listen to your Music i Fell better. I wish u all the best for your Future and the strengh to focus on your goals. i am wondering if i find the Time to See u at your XMas tour:)

    All the best


    P.S. I am a german guy, sorry for my englisch writing

    • Reply Leo 13. Dezember 2016 at 17:02

      Hey Jan, vielen Dank für deine netten Worte, es freut mich sehr, dass ich dich inspirieren konnte und zu deinem Wohlbefinden beitragen… wir brauchen alle ein wenig Support, und wenn das nur durch einen Blog Eintrag oder ein nettes Kommentar ist! <3 Würde mich freuen, wenn du es zur Weihnachtstour schaffst! LG Leo

    Leave a Reply