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// I just wanna build stuff out of things I find // taking orders for individual, handcrafted dreamcatchers NOW //

28. September 2016

If you have read my entry about my road trip down the Atlantic coast through France and Spain (if you haven’t: read it! Now!) you already know that it was also, at the same time, my path back into creative living, and by that I mean not only living a creative life, as in a life that maybe differs from the conventional ones, but I also mean creating something with your own two hands or your brain or both. I really feel like I reconnected with that part of me and I am truly grateful, because for a couple of years I had lost it completely. Since I can think I always danced, sang, played instruments, drew, handcrafted, wrote and that was my way of expressing myself… when I stopped doing all of this, obviously, this opportunity of expression was gone, and I felt misunderstood a lot. Sometimes words and actions fail to show others our true self.
On the road, living in my van, I started taking time for things like that again, I collected seashells and stones and driftwood. I felt so connected to life and nature and myself and found inspiration everywhere. I started making jewelry out of it and other stuff to hang up in the van and people asked me what I was doing and I said, „oh, I’m just building stuff out of things I find“ and I joked about how I would live in my van and sell these things and make a living with that.
One day in Spain I had the idea to make a dreamcatcher. I’ve always loved dreamcatchers and the idea of them protecting you in your sleep. I used material that nature provided and some ribbon and wire I had with me and sat down for about 5 hours like in meditation and built my first dreamcatcher. When I finished I was amazed and I was like: That’s what I want to do! I just wanna build stuff out of things I find!

img_2369 One week later I sold my first dreamcatcher in San Vicente to one of our neighbours on the parking, an older man who came to the beach everyday with his 18-year-old dog that was blind and soon to be put to sleep because it had a tumor as big as its head but was so happy and playful still (I know, such a sad story), and the man was a bodyboarder and saw me making a dreamcatcher and asked me if I sell them, I said yes, and the scenario that we had laughed about just a couple of weeks ago became reality. By the time I got home, I already had four more orders… I know that sounds not like many, but it means so much to me, that people would actually spend money on stuff that I create and call it art (even though one of the four is my mum and one is my best friend, but hey, they still have to pay). So, I guess something that works on a parking lot in Spain will work in the magic of the internet and I just want to let you know that, from now on, I will update you on the things I handcraft in my tiny studio (my living room) for my newly opened business „MuschelManufaktur“ (seashell manufacture in English) – my art is available on my blog, via instagram, or in my van (in case you see me and Nash somewhere in the world). You can buy the already finished products, or you can also order an individual dreamcatcher, choose the colours and size. For all orders and questions, please email me to hello@nakedandalive.com // let’s catch some dreams together my friends!

I will try to set fair prices on the dreamcatchers, I don’t want to get rich of it (if that’s even possible haha), but please note that I have some material costs, and the time I invest in creating them, also the shipping of course. BUT: if you would love a dreamcatcher, but for some reason can’t afford it at the price, please talk to me, we will find solutions. I also accept trades of course, just let me know what you have to offer (by that I mean no immoral offers!!).

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